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Carl Walther - The World Famous Thuringian Arms Factory 1886-1945


By Wolf-Dietrich Roth

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Colonel W. Darrin Weaver (Ret.) MPA PA-C, raises cattle with his family in Central Texas, and serves as the CEO of Front Sight Post Publishing LLC. Darrin served an enlisted tour in the Berlin Brigade's 5/502nd Infantry. He was selected for Officer Candidate School and commissioned upon graduating from the University of Oklahoma as a Physician Assistant in 1994. He later earned a Masters from the University of Nebraska. He served with several armored, infantry and cavalry units to include Joint Task Force-6, left active duty in 1999, and continued service in the Veteran's Administration, and the Texas Army National Guard. Darrin served a tour in Iraq as a battalion medical officer, and flew MEDEVAC and CASEVAC missions in support of Multi-National Corps-Iraq and Combined Joint Special Operations Air Component operations.

Darrin has a keen interest in and has done extensive research on the German wartime economy, industrial practices, and production methodologies. His other published works include Hitler’s Garands: German Self-Loading Rifles of WWII (2000), Desperate Measures: Last-Ditch Weapons of the Nazi Volkssturm (2005), Mauser Pistolen (2008), Kunststoffe: A Collector’s Guide to German World War II Plastics and their Markings (2008), and An Encyclopedia of German Tradenames and Trademarks 1900-1945 (2010), as well as numerous articles in medical and firearms-related periodicals. Darrin is a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the National Rifle Association.


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